Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The What to do Blues

Running dogs, originally uploaded by Wanderer and Wonderer.

My fiance and I have decided to exercise more. Yes, I know we decide this all the time. Yeah, I KNOW we don't actually do it. Who's telling this story anyway?


The point is, we decided to do it. Now the problem becomes what to do. We both come home from long days at work tired. Yes, yes, there's the morning, but... dude, early. Nuh uh. Don't wanna. But y'know what? I told him I'd do even that if he'd wake me up and tell me what exercise we're doing. We both need to be in better shape, flat out. I don't even care so much about losing weight anymore as I do just not being, y'know, fit. Strong. I wanna kick ass like Buffy or Xena or something.

Those dogs up there in that picture? They make it look easy. For real people, there are issues like time and motivation and lack of any idea of what exercise to take up, especially when you're in Texas and most of the "together" exercise you like to do would be outside in the blistering, die-if-you-go-out heat. So, guys, any thoughts? Suggestions? General commiseration? I'll take what I can get ;)

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