Thursday, July 8, 2010

Best Music You've Never Heard: Nanci Griffith

In this inaugural edition of Best Music You've Never Heard, I'm featuring country/folk/torch singer Nanci Griffith. She's original from Austin, TX, so yay for hometown girls! I even sort of met her. Mom was pregnant and met her in any case. It TOTALLY counts.

Fans of soft, sweet female voices that can make you cry one second and start dancing the next will fall for Nanci right away. Though she's generally classified as country, her songs run from sweet ballads (see: "Trouble in our Fields") to rollicking humor (see: "Working Girl (Looking for the Time)"), and they rarely disappoint. More recently she's been dipping her toes in torch singing with some rather pleasant results.

On a shallower note, this woman is a beautiful example of aging gracefully. No nips, no tucks (at least not any that I can tell), and she just plain looks stunning.
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