Friday, July 23, 2010

Hottie of the Week: Vincent Ventresca

Vincent is the star of one of the best shows you've probably never seen: The Invisible Man. It ran on the Sci-Fi Channel but they killed it, saying that it cost too much to make... and then picked up Stargate SG-1. Grrr. Not that I'm bitter. Just bitter.

Anyway, Vincent's a gorgeous hunk of a man. What, he IS! He's beautiful when he's a sweetheart (as Darien on Invisible Man, say), a reformed party animal (Fun Bobby on Friends), or a total jerkoff looney (on Dollhouse).

If there was ever someone pretty enough to be worth sitting through Sci-Fi original movies, this is the guy. So if you see some tacky bug movie on some Saturday afternoon and Vincent's in it, do yourself a favor and check it (and him) out. Don't act like you can say no to those big, gorgeous puppy dog eyes.
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