Friday, May 7, 2010

Hottie of the Week: Christopher Eccleston

I decided to go a bit further off the beaten path this week. You see, I'm not just attracted to pretty. I like a guy who is also fascinating. So my crushes tend to be pretty off the wall at times. First? Pardon me while I'm totally distracted by Google images having a new layout. Whoah!

I first saw Chris in Shallow Grave, a movie which I saw thanks to my overwhelming crush on Ewan McGregor. He was suitably beautiful in it, and I found Chris utterly disturbing - which was totally appropriate to the movie, just for the record. Years later, I ended up falling for him. It's all Doctor Who's fault. Don't pretend like you wouldn't have run away with him because you WOULD have.

Then came Heroes. I've spent pretty much every episode since he left in season one just waiting for Claude to come back. I think a large reason I gave up on the show (aside from it starting to suck) was the simple fact that I realized he wasn't coming back. Because, let's face it, Chris ain't gonna be on something that sucks that hard. And no commentary on GI Joe here. We're all just gonna move along and pretend that didn't happen. Right now? I'm sitting here just WAITING for an announcement about a Three Doctors kinda special so I can get me a brand new Nine fix. I choose to believe that it will happen any. minute. now.
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