Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Glee: On My Way

This is going to be a wall of spoilers, so if you haven't seen the "winter finale" (fuck you, Fox) of Glee and don't want it spoiled, now is an AWESOME time to stop reading. Also? This will likely be scattered and messy. I'm throwin' it all in here and seeing what sticks.

  •  Quinn is fine. People, Dianna's not leaving the show; ergo, Quinn will be okay. Possibly mangled or something, but we all know she'll be fine. RELAX.
  • No one's talking about the baby daddy drama. Seriously, whose spawn is Sue having? I'm going with Puck because I can.
  • Hey, Joe Hart, I see you in the background bein' all hot. You go right ahead with that.
  • Blaine has something going on lately. The outburst of anger in the choir room, telling Kurt it wasn't the stuff with Sebastian but then not telling Kurt what it is... it's odd. It's not like him. Something's up. Given that his big brother's showing up in the next new ep we get, maybe something with his parents?
  • Speaking of Kurt and Blaine, when the hell are they gonna talk about what happens when graduation comes around? And Mike and Tina? They're power couples too, damn it all, and I want to know!
  • I'm not 100% convinced that Sebastian really has a soul, but it is possible. Still waiting for time to tell on that one, but Grant Gust did a great job. Whether it was bullshit or not, he genuinely seemed to feel bad. 
  • Finn & Rachel getting married: I actually do like them together, but it's a terrible idea. AWFUL. At least at this point in their lives. So I'm genuinely hoping that it won't happen. 
  • Faberry is cannon. There's a missing scene with Rachel and Quinn at the bridal shop (it was in the previews), but... I honestly think it's cannon, at least in a one-sided sense. I think Quinn has a thing for Rachel. Just sayin'. I think Rachel might even have a thing for Quinn, actually, but... I'm not even a femmeslash kinda girl, and I see it.
  • I recognized, like, one song in this episode. Am I out of touch, or were more of these just really obscure? I really liked "Cough Syrup," though.
  • And, okay, the hard part of the ep: Dave. It was beautifully done. I had inklings after last week's ep and him more or less getting outed with that guy at his school, and my suspicions were confirmed... though thankfully not in the final sense that I'd been afraid of. Because y'know what? I've gotten attached to Dave. I have. He's interesting. Seeing what he's going through is interesting. Seeing him and Kurt figuring out how to be friends is interesting. I want to continue with it. Plus Max Adler seems like a nice dude, and I'd hate for him to be out of the job. 
  • My husband thinks Dave's parents will send him off to de-gaying-camp, but I think his dad's gonna be on his side. I hope. And so I'm thinking maybe his parents will just end up splitting up. So the big question: will Dave transfer back to McKinley, or will he transfer to Dalton?
  • I love Rachel's dads SO MUCH. Jeff Goldblum's always been a favorite, and he's just absolutely perfect. So great! Enough to overshadow Burt somewhat, and we all know he's my fake dad. Someday Burt Hummel's going to adopt me. I'm just sayin'.
  • Another under-the-radar heart tugger: Santana's hope for the future. That killed me. 
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