Monday, September 26, 2011

Iced Coffee at Home

Most of us can't regularly afford the arm and a leg that Starbucks charges for coffee. God knows that I wish I could... and that I lived in a town big enough to HAVE a Starbucks. Or any coffee shop. But I digress.

The truth is that you can do the same job at home. When my husband and I make coffee, we usually make a whole pot (an alleged twelve cup size). We never, ever drink it all, though. I have a cup, he sometimes has two, and then we're done. Once that's settled, I pour the remaining coffee into another pitcher and stick it in the fridge.

The next morning, the fun begins. You see, even in the winter, I prefer cold coffee to hot. I love frozen coffee drinks, but iced coffee is awesome too. So I plop some ice in a glass (it's not the same without actual ice in it, trust me) and fill the glass about a third of the way with milk (I go for 2%, but it's all about preference). Then add a splash of flavored coffee creamer. You can also skip the creamer and use a splash of flavored syrup if that's your preference - either works to add some extra flavor and sweeten the deal. Then top it all off with the cold coffee and stir.

If you want to get fancy (like my husband did with the coffee pictured here), spray on some whipped cream and add a little chocolate syrup. The best part of making your own iced coffee - aside from the reduced cost - is that you can modify it wherever you want to suit your own taste and to save on calories. Win, win and WIN.
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