Friday, October 29, 2010

Hottie of the Week: Alexis Denisof

Huh, I think I missed a week there. Oooops! But it's okay, I'm going to remedy that by, um, paying more attention in the future. heh

This week's hottie is best known as Wesley on Buffy and Angel. When he first appeared on Buffy, I admit that the character turned me off. He was funny, yes, but he also annoyed the hell out of me. He was supposed to.

Then Angel started and I fell madly in love with Glenn Quinn as Doyle. So when Alexis joined the cast after Doyle's death... I went from not liking Wesley to HATING him. Actively. Seriously. But what ended up being really impressive is that this guy right here is such a good actor (and seems like such a genuinely nice dude in real life) that I was won over. By the end of Angel's run, I was as much a fan of him as I'd been an enemy when he started out on cast.

So this is both a love letter and an apology. Alexis, thanks for all your hard work on Angel, Dollhouse, etc... and sorry about running that I Hate Wes group for awhile.

Um, my bad.
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