Monday, September 13, 2010

Wedding Bells

In a little less than a month, Wes and I will be married. I'm surprised and excited all at the same time. It's funny because it won't really CHANGE anything (we own a house, we have puppies, we're in love), but it will change something. Some little indefinable thing.

We're keeping things simple and hitting the Justice of the Peace on Friday the 8th, then having dinner with friends and family the next day. Then? We go off on our honeymoon and get some quality time together. We aren't registering anywhere or asking friends to buy us anything. If you'd like to contribute, we ask that you make a donation to our Honeyfund - or you can just get in touch with me for my PayPal email and you can send it my way directly. We already have a household set up and while we'd love to touch some things up around the house, coming home from our honeymoon without a bunch of debt would be an even bigger gift!
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