Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sick Nurses

Yes, more Asian horror. This time it's a supernatural Thai horror flick about some sexy nurses and a screwed up doctor who kill people and sell their bodies on the black market.

I always appreciate a horror film that doesn't have a lot of pretensions. Sick Nurses gets right down to business and starts in on the action right away. Rather than an hour of preamble before anything happens, any backstory needed is shown through flashbacks between gory bursts of revenge.

The imagery for the vengeful spirit hits on some of the usual cliches (yep, the hair), but I have to say that the make-up and overall look were unusual. Every culture has its crutches, so it's nice when a film that chooses to use them tries to at least tweak the visual or delivery.

Naturally there are love triangles and dark secrets and all that good stuff. And in this case? The spirit in question isn't just a put upon victim who is killing off the people who wronged her. Okay, she IS that... but she also smirks and leers and seems to be enjoying the HELL out of tormenting the ditzy, oversexed chicks who screwed her over. The extra little bit of bite in the form of humor on the part of the spirit and the movie itself definitely bumps this one up as something different from the norm and very entertaining. Death by hair, cat's literally getting your tongue, and killer embalmed embryos - this film truly does have it all ;)

It's strange, violent, almost slapsticky at times, and I definitely recommend it to the horror fans out there.
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