Thursday, July 9, 2009

What I Want...

Random things I want to do/places I want to go in no particular order. So if anyone wants to reward Wes and I with extravagant amounts of money (or small amounts) so that we can do it? We'll take it. I'm sure I'll add to this later, but it's a start :)

I want to go to Seattle, WA. Wes' brother lives there, as does a friend of mine. It just sounds like a cool place and one I'd really enjoy visiting.

I want to go to the beach. I got to go once when I was in my early teens with my grandparents, but it was too cold and the water was too choppy to do more than walk along the water looking at it. I'm fine with anywhere. It can be Galveston for all I care, but I have a driving desire the past year or so to go someplace with a beach where I can look out on the ocean or the gulf or whatever.
I'd love to go to Vegas. We've joked about running away to Vegas to get married, but, honestly, it's just a place I'd love to go and experience whether I get my quickie wedding (the HELL I'm doing a "real" one) before or after or whatever. Don't worry, folks - we'll have a party folks can come to for celebrating and the giving of gifts and money. Cuz I'm not givin' that up ;) But back to business - I want to see Vegas. It's a culture unto itself, and I want to experience it.

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