Friday, May 29, 2015

Comicpalooza: Geeks are Always the Hottest

Winter Widow and Captain Hydra will fuck your shit up. Just so you know.
Last weekend, I was lucky enough to attend Comicpalooza in Houston. It's my first time at that particular con, and I have to say it was a pretty great trip. I'm even more thankful to say I got to spend it with Ash (whose been my bestie since I was four) and Patrick, one of Ash's buddies who turned out to be really nice. So, yeah, geek bonding. WOOT!

Winter Widow and Captain Hydra have infiltrated Rocky... be afraid.

On Friday came one of the most meaningful experiences for me to start off the weekend. We got the shot above: a picture with Barry Bostwick, Patricia Quinn, and Nell Campbell from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Patricia gets a special nod as well for being in I, Claudius, another one of my favorite things ever. I actually had the chance to meet Barry previously while with my husband at Dallas Comic Con several years ago, but it was great to meet all three of them together. They were warm and kind and generally awesome - not surprising, but still a great pleasure for us. 

I couldn't pose - too busy grinning and touching Jeremy's back.

Saturday was the day that brought us there because, you see, Ash needed to get a photo with Jeremy Renner. Okay, maybe we both did. Hush, it's a shared interest. I wasn't sure what to expect since this is the first con he's done where he did the photo ops and all, and I knew that might be a touch overwhelming for him. As it turns out? He was grinning, seemed to really dig our costumes, and was generally super duper sweet. If you get the chance to meet him, do it. 10/10 do recommend.

Later in the day we attending a Q&A with the Rocky folks, and I got to tell a quick rundown of how my husband and I (shoutout to my hubby for solo parenting our three year old while I did all this!) met when he was on the Los Bastardos cast and that, basically, I have a great husband and an adorable kid due in large part to their work. All three of them were hilarious and snarky and had a great banter worked out between themselves. It was a thrill just to get to talk and interact with them, and Nell Campbell teased me about our son's name (Pike, which she pointed out is a fish), and... well, it was fantastic.

This is how you age with pure awesome, people. Learn it, live it.

That night was yet another treat because Patricia Quinn and Barry Bostwick both attended After Midnight's shadowcast performance of Rocky Horror! They were adorable, and Barry even helped kill time by performing part of "Dammit Janet" when there were some technical difficulties. Patricia sat down in the row right in front of me and stayed the whole performance. I can now say that I have genuinely done the Time Warp with Patricia Quinn. I'm not sure what else I need from life.

Barton and Romanov are with Agent Johnson - nothing to worry about here, folks. Move along.

Sunday was another celebrity day since we got to get a picture with Chloe Bennet. She was super excited about our costumes, she gave us both hugs, and she's even prettier in person - which is ridiculous since she's adorable onscreen. For the record, she seemed like a complete sweetheart, and I would very much like to hang out with her. Just saying. She seems like awesome people.

Can you see how surreal I feel the world has become?

Monday morning brought the end of the con for me since I had to be on the road for home by noon, but it also brought something special - running into Patricia Quinn in the hotel lobby. Instead of brushing us off, she was warm and wonderful and chatted with us about Rocky and I, Claudius and insisted that we take a picture together (we had refrained from asking since we didn't want to intrude further). Then Barry Bostwick showed up to meet her (she'd been waiting for him to get down) looking tired but very, very handsome (really, people, he's a GOOD LOOKING man). We offered to help with luggage, and Patricia called us "angels" for asking, though she said they didn't need help. We then moved on to the con floor for one last spin.

Basically? SO MUCH fun was had, and I'm still fangirling. Thank you to all the celebs, all the cosplayers, and all the folks who made Comicpalooza such a fun experience for everyone!

For more of my cosplay shots and pics from the weekend, check out Wilde Cosplay. For more of Ash's photos, check out Kevlar Unitard. And like the pages while you're there. We need the ego boost. 

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