Friday, November 21, 2014

Hottie of the Week: Voltaire

Courtesy Voltaire's official Facebook
I'm a little ashamed of myself. You see, I first saw Voltaire when he filled in hosting a panel at Dragon*Con in 2003 while I was there the first time. I fell a little in love. We managed to catch him performing a few more times throughout that weekend, and I haven't missed a show at The Church in Dallas since. Seriously, I went when I was seven months pregnant (a couple weeks before giving birth to Pike), and then not that long after he was born. I have always been too shy to actually speak to the man, however, until this year's Dragon*Con, where I not only got to say hello to him at his booth (and get a hug, which made my year) but pose near him at the massive Marvel photoshoot. 

@Patrick Sun 2014-2

That's a lot of babbling from me, but the point is? This gorgeous guy should have been featured here forever ago, so this I'm sorry both to him and to all of you for not sharing all this hotness. I would also like to go on record as saying that delicious as his voice is (and that's no studio effects, folks - if anything, he's better live) and lovely as he is in photos, he's even hotter in person. Enjoy the yum, and go buy some of this guy's music because it's PHENOMENAL.

Courtesy Voltaire's official Facebook

Taken by me at The Church Dallas earlier this year

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