Thursday, July 24, 2014

Series Review: Political Animals

I'll start this review by admitting fully that I only found this series because I searched "Sebastian Stan" on Netflix, and this was the thing I hadn't seen. So my motives going in were as shallow as they come. 

Thank god they reward shallowness in my world.
'The pleasant surprise for this miniseries that reads like it should be an introduction to a full series (and sadly isn't) is that it's really, really good. Yes, okay, tune in to watch Sebastian Stan being beautiful and making out with boys. I did. But Sigourney Weaver is ridiculously charismatic, and particularly if you're someone who enjoys things like The West Wing, you're going to get sucked in fast.

I told you - I'm shallow. 

The pace is quick, the dialogue is sharp, the actors are all fantastic. Since there are only six episodes to get through, it's a quick watch and well worth the time. Now streaming on Netflix.
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