Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Movie Review: Trust Me

I do. I really, really do.

I suppose it's no surprise given last week's Hottie of the Week post that I purchased a digital copy of this as soon as it went live on Amazon. I mean, literally as soon as it did. I may have been refreshing the page a little. Don't judge me. 

In any case, I finished watching a few minutes ago, and I really enjoyed myself. To start off, this movie has a fantastic cast. Even the smallest parts are played well, and the leads are all stellar. I confess fully to being biased when it comes to Clark Gregg, who I already adore (and who, it should be noted, wrote and directed the movie in addition to starring in it), and the ever-lovely Amanda Peet, but even actors I was less familiar with and the handful of newcomers really shone. Saxon Sharbino (how cool is that name, people?!) was especially fantastic. I fully expect to see her pretty much everywhere soon.

One caution: don't walk in expecting all laughs. It's a dark comedy, which means you'll feel like grabbing for the tissues as often as the popcorn. The balance between the two is handled with real grace, and what the movie sometimes lacks in subtlety, it easily makes up with substance and heart. Well worth the time and money - you won't be disappointed. So go buy it.

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