Thursday, March 20, 2014

All-Con 2014

If you look closely, you see an ad for Wilde Designs. Hello sweetie! Yep, I'm that special.

This was our first year attending All-Con Dallas, which is a fabulous pan-fandom convention that caters not only to cosplayers and hardcore comic nerds but survivalists, intellectuals, writers... it's pretty awesome. This was also our first multi-day con with our toddler, which was an interesting experience. I'm pleased to say that it went well despite one night of projectile vomiting brought on by the odd schedule and con diet (I swear, we brought oatmeal and fruit and it wasn't junk food, honest!). 

My son is a Disney princess - at least at conventions.

I think the big highlight for Pike was the Disney sing-along with the DFW Disney Cosplayers Guild. They were fabulous - practiced, well-costumed, and adorable with the kids both during their panels and when they saw them out on the floor. There were two different Arials, and I think Pike was slightly in love with both of them. The first night he got up on stage after watching most of the performance and then we couldn't get him off. He even ended up dragging me up. Many of you know that getting me up in front of a crowd is something that I will pretty much only do for people I love madly.

There was some slight disappointment for me because a lot of the writing panels didn't happen because one of the presenters didn't show up. I'm grateful to Ethan Nahté, who stepped in for the horror writing panel and pretty much did a private workshop/rap session with those of us who had come for it. Great guy and some really great advice.

The hammer is my... wait... hmm...

A highlight for me was the showing of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog presented by United States of Geekdom. Singing with a room full of other dorky fans and some geeks doing screamer lines was fantastic. Sooo gooood. Hopefully they'll get to do it again next year and I can once again be there for it.

Pike met R2-D2. You should be jealous.

If you're interested, you can see my full album of photos here. If you're a geek and have the chance to attend, I highly recommend it. All-Con was good times, good people, and a nicely low key hotel where no one gave me any dirty looks. Schedules permitting, we'll definitely be going back.

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