Thursday, December 5, 2013


It's a bird, it's a plane, it's mommy actually finishing!
It's done. National Novel Writing Month is done. Yes, okay, it's been done for a week. Don't act like you've been anymore inspired to be constructive with your writing than I have. We all know better. 

I've been verified, I'm done, it's real. Another year in a row of ACTUALLY FINISHING! I'm desperately happy about that. I'm proud of myself. 

Of course, now comes the frustrating part. The spewing out words onto the page is really the easy part. Now I have to do something with those words. I've already decided that instead of having two major stories going on in this book, I'm going to split them into two books. I also decided that another idea I had should be book one, which makes the "book one" I just finished book two. I think I like making life hard for myself.

So what about you guys? Did you finish? Did you at least get some fabulous writing done? (Let's face it, that's the real victory.) How much has YOUR book already changed since NaNo ended? 

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