Thursday, October 24, 2013

Another NaNo Twist

Alright, my NaNo novel has changed again. That's the point of planning, right? Instead of the true crime/fantasy hybrid I'd originally envisioned (it's still on the backburner, don't worry), I'm going to plunge into a novel that started as a piece of fan fiction. Actually, this will be a book set in that universe but not based off of what's already been written. I'm hoping to use this to shape and re-shape some aspects of the universe to fit where I want it to go.

So get ready for sexy vampires. Particularly sexy male vampires. Sorry, straight dudes, there won't be much for you in this one. I'm also trying to goad my husband into writing this November as well, though so far no success in persuading him. He keeps throwing out all these great ideas and not writing them down - hopefully we can change that this year!

So how is your NaNo progress? Any plotting done? 
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