Monday, March 25, 2013

Evil Dead 2013

Let me apologize for taking so long to get this up. Hubby and I actually got the chance to see an early screening of the Evil Dead remake last Thursday. As excited as I always get when seeing a new movie (especially a new horror movie), I had reservations. I love the original Evil Dead trilogy. It's campy and fun and silly. It's got Bruce Campbell. When I originally heard they were doing a remake, I was horrified. When Bruce nicely asked fans to give it a shot before judging... oh, come on, like YOU could say no to Bruce Campbell.

I'm glad he paved the way for an attitude change on my part because I have to say I was pleased. While I find some of the movie's intro to be a bit slow (some of the acting is, as in the original, a bit iffy, so being asked to do nothing but watch it...), but once things heat up, they stay that way. The horror unfolds quickly, and there are plenty of squeamish "I can't look!" moments, which is saying something since I hardly had to glance away during the Saw franchise.

What I found most heartening is that the movie's sense of playful, dark humor is fully intact. While this is definitely not a slapstick romp like much of the original trilogy, there are definitely moments that will make you chuckle. Old school fans will appreciate all the nods to the original. There's respect here. Despite being a remake, this isn't a movie asking you to forget the past and pretend it never happened - and I'm cool with that. If you're a horror fan who enjoys a bit of darkness, blood, and offbeat humor, do yourself a favor and check this out when it hits theaters in April.
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