Friday, February 8, 2013

Hottie of the Week: CJ Jacobsen

Oddly, this week's hottie comes at my husband's suggestion. See, I don't do a lot of gushing about how hot other guys are in front of him. I just figure it's not good for anybody's self esteem, y'know? But he noticed that preeeetty much every time CJ Jacobsen came onscreen while we were watching Top Chef, I sort of couldn't help making some sort of inappropriate comment. In my defense, he's tall, hot, and he can cook his ass off. What's not to love? Even sexier? I totally creeper'd on him on Twitter and he didn't even mind. (proof below - I only lie most of the time)

So here's to CJ Jacobsen for being a talented chef (I will get a chance to eat his food someday, damn it!), and, obviously, a hottie. Enjoy, folks! Sidenote? There are not enough pictures of him on the internet. Very sad.

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