Monday, February 6, 2012

Really, Weekend?

So my weekend started with a trip to the ER Friday afternoon. I'm 99% sure it was high blood pressure (I was shaky, dizzy, nauseous), but since they waited an hour and a half to take it, it was fine by the time they did. Super helpful. They took six vials of blood, a cat scan, and four hours of my time, then $150 of my money and told me nothing. Not that I'm, um, bitter. I'm going to get a cuff to use at home to check myself. I've been getting the nausea/dizziness thing a lot recently, and I'm not loving that, so here's to hoping keeping track on my own at least gives me something concrete to go to my real doctor with.

Then Sunday morning, my son decided it would be a nice way to start things off by poking me in the eyeball and scratching my cornea. So I spent the first half of Sunday with a Halloween eye patch on. Thank you, Pike. I love you, but it would be great if you could NOT maim mommy.

Now today I'm still tired, I'm feeling the nausea again, and I'm just plugging along to make it until I can go home. Upside? I was down a pound when I weighed in the other day. At least something's looking up!
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