Thursday, September 22, 2011

Dead Like Me

When Wes and I first started watching this series, I was largely indifferent to it. The strongest thing it had going for it was Mandy Patinkin (did I screw that up?). You don't get much cooler than him, so that's a pretty strong hook. The premise was interesting, the characters were decent... I just wasn't engrossed.

Somewhere toward the end of season one, though, I started to get sucked in. We tackled season two like it was going out of style and just finished the last episode earlier today. So good. We've already got the movie all ready to go on the Netflix (I will not turn this into a rant about Netflix, I will not turn this into a rant about Netflix...) queue. I love the characters, I love the idea, and you should all be watching. So get on it!
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