Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Like Wesley Crusher.

Wesley Crusher Tattoo, originally uploaded by angie k.

No, that isn't my arm. But it's nice to see there are other people who agree with me. You see, I'm part of that slim, exclusive group (okay, we just say that to make ourselves sound cool... or would if we talked to one another) of Trekkers who like Wesley Crusher.

Star Trek The Next Generation premiered when I was five years old in 1987. I'd been watching the original series since, well, birth, so Star Trek was nothing new to me. I was most pumped that the guy from Reading Rainbow was on it because DAMN, you don't get much cooler than LeVar Burton (who is still a BAMF).

Something that proved to be a nice surprise for me was Wil Wheaton. Yes, Wesley Crusher himself in all his terribly sweatered glory. See, to a five year old, Wesley wasn't some kid who got in the way and annoyed people. To a five year old, he was older, more sophisticated (he was what, twelve? That's AWESOME, obviously) and he got to hang out on the Enterprise. He was a kid. On STAR TREK. Plus, I gotta say, I thought he was pretty darn cute. Not as cute as Riker, but... hell, who is?

So while everyone else wished for Wesley's death, I, young and blissfully unaware that the internet even existed (we didn't get a computer until FAR later in my development) just thought Wesley Crusher was cool. And I still kinda think that. Despite his annoying moments and Will learning a lot of acting ropes right in front of us, I think it was GOOD to show a family dynamic on Star Trek. Mary Sue-ish at times or not, I stand by the fact that Wesley was a positive addition to the cast.

And in case you didn't know? Will not only got better and better at acting, he has also become a geek demi-god. If you aren't reading his blog, you're missing out. It's touching, funny, geeky... everything you wish this blog was. So go ahead and check it out. I won't blame you if it takes awhile to work your way back here. And hit him up on Twitter while you're at it because you won't be disappointed.
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