Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Movie Review: Apartment 1303

This movie started out really, really well. Yes, standard horror - and even more standard Asian horror - in a lot of ways, but the acting was strong, and, let's face it, when all the chicks who move into a particular apartment start offing themselves, it's interesting. Y'know, in movies. Stay with me, people.

Truthfully this movie stays strong and interesting up until the climax. Then suddenly things fall apart a bit. I don't know if they suddenly changed directors or if their director went on a bender and lost the script or... what. It flat out got messy. There were suddenly beach bunnies in maid costumes and a chick who looked like a hair monster and a conclusion that was both unsatisfying and poorly written.

So while the first 3/4 of this film is fun to watch, I can't *quite* say I would put it on my list of films to run out and get. Unfortunately it's a bit messy in its ending for that. But if you just want some Asian horror and have already exhausted most of what else Netflix has to offer on instant view (precisely my issue) in that vein, give it a shot... but consider turning it off when you see the beach bunnies and just making up your own ending. I promise it'll be better than what they came up with.
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