Friday, March 18, 2011

Hottie of the Week: Ray William Johnson

I'm going full on geek (less dangerous than going full retard, for those of you who are Tropic Thunder fans) this week with Ray William Johnson as my favorite hottie of the moment. See, the really funny thing is that it's my husband's fault I even know who he is. I never watched =3 (Ray's super crazy hilarious YouTube show)... until Wes showed it to me. I then proceeded to start watching it every now and then. Then I subscribed. Then I kinda went back and watched every single episode currently archived on the channel.

So why Ray? He's geeky, he's cute, he's funny. We'd make adorable, racially ambiguous babies if, y'know, we ever met in person and I weren't already married and pregnant. Yes, that's a joke. Remember, I'm FAR too lazy to actually stalk anyone. And he has some really nice, serious head shots out there on Google... and I didn't use a damn one of them because I like his goofy faces better. Sorry, Ray. 

Want to be all hardcore about your love too? You can follow Ray on Twitter, check out his Facebook fan page, and subscribe to =3 and Your Favorite Martian, his newest project that's all funny animated videos (the zombie one is the best, no contest).

And since I'm awesome? I'm linking the most recent episode of =3 for you be-low because the baby FREAKING OUT over its mom sneezing made me laugh till I cried.

WANNA FIGHT? (by RayWilliamJohnson)
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