Wednesday, December 22, 2010

You're Getting Coal

Coals, originally uploaded by elgutek.
Okay, no you're not. You're getting nothing. Unless you're my mom, sister, husband, or godson. Or you gave me your address for a Christmas card. Otherwise? You're getting nothing.

See, we're motherfucking broke, y'all! And that's actually, okay. This season we had some unexpected expenses (new door, moving grandma, etc.), so it left us strapped on the heels of our honeymoon. Know what that means? We don't have to worry about hours of shopping or getting the perfect gift.

If somebody wants something, they can come spend ACTUAL TIME with us. For real. With us. Like, hanging. Or watching Christmas movies. Or tacky horror movies. I like those even better. So if you want to know why I'm not getting you a gift? It's because I've already given you the best gift of all: me. Or something.

Subnote: It's all Aunt Becky's fault that I'm posting so much. She's inspirational. It's messed up.
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