Friday, September 17, 2010

Hottie of the Week: Brett Scallions

Brett is a little slice of rock goodness that should require no introduction but probably does. Brett is the former and current lead singer of Fuel. Yes, both. You see, he left Fuel awhile back to tour as lead singer for Riders on the Storm (the remaining members of The Doors). Sidenote: I made the screen caps to the left. Go me!

He also undertook a couple of different band projects as a bassist (The X's and Circus Diablo) and singer. Then he and some friends started touring under the header Refueled. By then, Fuel with a semi-adequate replacement singer who tried way too hard to be Brett had pretty much run out of steam.

Now Brett's band is touring as Fuel out and proud and I'm just waiting for them to get to Texas because I miss me some sexy Brett goodness strutting around the stage. But, um, don't tell his wife. I think she could be the crap out of me. I run a list dedicated to Brett here and also the Fuelies group on DeviantArt here.
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