Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Best You've Never Watched: Lexx

Welcome to the most recent edition of "best you've never". In this case, the best TV series you've never watched. I think that probably holds true for most of you, in any case. Lexx ran a long while back on the Sci-Fi channel before they gave up altogether, started sitting on the rights to the series they own, and put extreme fighting on instead of science fiction.

Not that I'm bitter. Ahem.

ANYWAY, Lexx is a truly bizarre little gem of a series. It is screwed up, campy, and definitely a place where you should leave your expectations at the door. If you dig smutty (yet often without any actual sex), inappropriate, odd, and have a thing for sexy dead guys or hot chicks who are part lizard, you've found your new favorite show. If not? Most people who would be following me probably have the right sense of humor to enjoy the heck out of this show. I've been rewatching it lately (the full run is available on Hulu.com for now!) and find it even better. Why did I link the third series here instead of the first? Because it's my favorite, that's why, and this is my blog!

The first "series" of Lexx is actually a collection of movies. They feature amazing guest stars like Barry Bostwick, Tim Curry and Malcolm McDowell. Yep, it's THAT awesome. For me it really gets good once the show switched over to the one hour format and they upgraded Xevs. Xenia Seeberg may look like a porn star - and act like one a lot of the time - but I developed a really strong affection for her during the run of the series. Of course my heart belongs to Kai (played by Michael McManus, who doesn't work often enough for my taste). And I love Stan (played wonderfully by Brian Downey)... just, y'know, not THAT way.

So join me in the Dark Zone and enjoy this bizarre freak show of a scifi series. You won't be sorry!
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