Friday, July 30, 2010

Hottie of the Week: Davy Jones

We're going back to my childhood here. I believe my crush on Davy Jones started when I was about five, and continued for quite awhile. He was adorable, British, and he sang catchy pop tunes. It pretty much filled all the requirements I had at the time. Because my mom is amazing, she actually took me to the Monkees world tour with my cousin Jeff when I was about six. It was my first concert and totally amazing. I loved every second of it - even the part where our car broke down in the lot after the concert.

Well, okay, I didn't love it... but Jeff and I made the best of it after the nice police man drove us to cheap hotel. We came up with various scenarios about how people could break into the hotel (it wasn't a very nice neighborhood) and kill us while my mom repeatedly told us to shut up and tried not to have a nervous breakdown. Apparently we were TERRIBLE kids. The upside is that grandma and papau picked us up and saved us.

And back to the point - The Monkees were awesome. So there.
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