Friday, May 28, 2010

Hottie of the Week: Bradley James

I admit here and now that season 2 of Merlin hasn't wowed me the way the first season did, but the eye candy remains solid. I can get my fix of geeky cute with Colin, and Bradley is an excellent non-traditional pretty boy.

Why non-traditional? Slightly crooked teeth, acne scars visible even with pancake make-up... but there's really no denying that he's pretty. And don't take those as complaints. I LIKE a guy who has something that makes him unique. My primary complaint is just that I keep seeing pictures of him looking all sexy shirtless and boxing, but apparently the movie the shots are from hasn't ever been released. WTH, world?

As a shameless plug, I do have a vector I did of Bradley as Arthur for sale in my Power Ups shop for those of you out there who share my fannish love :D
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