Monday, April 19, 2010

Finally Excited Again

From the moment he appeared onscreen, I started falling in love with the Ninth Doctor. He was strange but fun, dark but passionate and hopeful. He was the perfect first Doctor for me, and I fell head over heels. I wanted to run off in the TARDIS and do things I would normally have found terrifying.

And then Nine was gone, and Ten took his place... and my interest waned. It was a combination of issues. Rose didn't mourn for Nine, and since she was the audience's emotional touchstone in the show, that hurt my feelings. I took it personally that she didn't miss him. Then came the fact that Ten was just plain too hyperactive sometimes. There was just something missing. Did I hate Ten? No. But I never loved him, and that was almost as bad.

Saturday a new era of hope began for me. Was the episode perfect? No. As with most first Doctor episodes (at least from what I can tell), the story was so-so because it was just a vehicle to introduce the Doctor to the companion and vice versa. And it worked. Eleven was charming - energetic but not annoying, odd and interesting. Amy was funny, strong, and seemed like a sharp cookie in her own right. And, as Wes pointed out, stunning. lol The episode promised a lot of fun to come, and I can't wait to see where it goes.
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