Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Revisiting my Robbie Williams song list for Nip/Tuck since the show is about to come to a close. Because I have to inflict my obsession on others. This show is so tacky and fabulously screwed up that I cannot help but adore it beyond all reason. And, frankly, Robbie puts me in the Nip/Tuck mood. His bravado is especially a gorgeous match for Christian's exploits.

No Regrets - good for the Christian/Sean/Julia triangle

Millennium - the show in general

Karma Killer - Kimber to Christian after the first break-up

Better Man - Matt or, at times, Christian

Rock DJ - Great party song for clubbing/background/etc, could even see it being used through some surgeries or something

Supreme - Could work for Sean or Christian at various times

How Peculiar - Christian... probably best with Julia or Kimber

Feel - Christian

Get a Little High - Matt

Monsoon - Christian, of course

Sexed Up - Christian and Julia

Love Somebody - for Sean or Christian

Handsome Man - Christian

Come Undone - Christian

Hot Fudge - again, just good vibe for the show in general especially after the move to LA

Make Me Pure - Christian

Your Gay Friend - Sean/Julia/Christian

Sin Sin Sin - Christian

Random Acts of Kindness - Sean

The Trouble with Me - Christian and Julia

Lovelight - Christian to Julia or Kimber to Christian
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