Monday, November 2, 2009

I'm Social?

Apparently I am. At least the last couple of weeks I have been. First I spent the weekend before last with my very best friend. She was home on leave, and we got to hang out, and, well, it made my day. My week. Possibly my year. lol Friday night she came up and we did dinner (Sweet Basil in Denton - yum!) and coffee and chatted. Saturday, I went up to her parents' and her dad made bbq. Double yum! Plus it was as good seeing them as it was seeing her. <3 her parents.

Then this weekend, I went down to my mom's and we went to see The Gossip in Austin. It was AWESOME. First off all? Great music. Of course. Secondly? The drive went smoothly, we got great parking... win. Then Toni showed up, so I got to hang out with my mom, my bud I hardly ever get to see, and even met some new Rocky-related friends. It was awesome start to finish.

I then headed home, and Saturday we went to our friend Katie's Halloween party, which was also super fun. She had her house decorated beautifully (seriously, put us to shame!), and we watched Rifftrax of Night of the Living Dead and Twilight. Sadly we didn't see the end of the Twilight one because we headed out, but I had my first Jello-o shots. Don't worry, I didn't overdo it. Drank plenty of water when I got home, got a good night's sleep, and was fine on Sunday :)

So basically I have been totally and utterly social for a couple of weeks... weird!
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