Wednesday, November 11, 2009

And the day ends in fail

Yesterday was good once I got home from getting assigned jury duty and my headache wore off (tomorrow I do the ACTUAL jury duty, apparently). But sadly the day ended with fail. My friend Shawn (thank god he was paying attention!) emailed me to say one of my WoW chars was logged in and not replying. Now as most of you remember, my account lapsed as of September 19, so this was definitely news to me. First I called Wes to see if he was being awesome and renewing my account for me. No such luck. So I logged in to Blizzard's site and changed my password.

Then I logged into the server. On my main server, Drak'Tharon, almost all my chars were stripped (or close to it), any non-soulbound bags were gone, any items that were sellable were gone... it was utter fail. And they'd kindly left one of my characters logged out in mid-jump so I logged in to die. Really thoughtful. I have a ticket in with Blizzard, so hopefully they'll restore my account to what it was BEFORE someone PAID to hack my account. Srsly. Who the hell would PAY just to hack someone's account?!

And it really ticks me off since I was just thinking about going back to WoW... and now I have nothing to go bloody back TO.
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