Monday, August 31, 2009

Fender Bender

So, Friday I'm on my way home, stopped at a stop sign... and the guy in front of me starts backing up. I naturally honk, but he hits my bumper before he stops. We both pull over into the parking lot we're right next to, and the guy is super apologetic. He's young and works at a print shop that I work with at the school all the time - the shirt I was wearing was one he worked on, even. Since we're a block away from his insurance place, we walk on down. It's surprisingly painless getting the claim filed, and he's obviously distraught and apologizing the whole time.

Despite the fact that it sucks having the paint scraped off your front bumper, it actually went really smooth and quick, and his insurance company got me a claim number to take in for repairs the very next day. Since my car is a lease, there was no question of hesitating about getting it fixed.

So today I took it in. That also went pretty smooth, and since it'll be a few days, someone from Enterprise rental came to pick me up and take me over there. Unfortunately it took awhile to find out from his insurance company what kind of car I was authorized for, then for them to go pick up the car from another location... but everybody was really nice. I just sat around and read the first of the Sookie Stackhouse books that I just started. Enjoy it so far, by the way.

Then I finally got the car and went in to work... and almost gave up on finding a parking spot. Finally got one literally as far from anything as you can park. Then I got to hike in and get a temporary parking pass for the rental. Then back to the car to put it in the car, then BACK to the office to actually start my day. I was almost eleven before I finally got it all done. But now I'm here and (aside from putting this up) being productive.

It's shaping up to be a heck of a week!
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