Friday, June 26, 2009


I know there was bad stuff (all the plastic surgery, for starters) and allegations of even worse stuff... but the truth is that doesn't change the fact that Michael Jackson made some amazing music. He pioneered things in dance that people will forever recognize as HIS. There are certain movements, certain outfits, certain things that no one will ever be able to do without being compared to him, without it being a reference to him.

And for all the bad stuff? Nobody can take away the good memories of my best friend and I renting Thriller for the millionth time and knowing we were seeing something cooler than anything else in the world. So right now I am sad, but I fully admit that I'm as much sad for all the memories I have of myself as a kid listening to his music as for the loss of the man himself. Crazy freakiness aside? The guy had some serious moments of genius.
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